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September 2005


Some of the Cab Bus panel jacks (duplex 6 wire phone wall plates) had problems with the inserts coming loose when plugging into them. A little remounting and glueing cured that.

Biggest issue has been dirt on the rails. Most engines seem to only run for about 15 minutes before needing cleaning again. We are slowing working on hand cleaning all track and running a old style tank car and pad around the mainline. At the Novemeber show at the fairgrounds we will be looking for better cleaning cars for both layouts.

August 2005


Started running the layout on DCC. Even though the tracks had build up some dirt due to not having been used for a month or two, some members felt it was already running better than it had ever worked under DC.

Reworked the turn table wiring so the old power pack now just runs the table motor. This turntable has a split ring so it doesn't need to have a reverse module however we think that the turntable is old and poorly working. Consideration of a replacement is taking place.

July 2005


The Cab Bus panel jacks were finished.

Jumper plugs for the tower power connections were finished. That allowed us to power the mainline. Since all the turnouts are manual or local fasica mounted controls, we aren't in a hurry to install Cab Bus jacks in the tower. But will do that before our show in February.

June 29 2005


Mounted about half the Cab Bus panel jacks.

Still need to make jumper plugs for the tower power connections and it's Cab Bus jacks.

June 22 2005


Rick, Dave and Mike worked to make the cutouts in the facia to mount the Cab Bus panel jacks.

Ken worked to wire the jumpers into the phone jacks. Each phone plate was a two jack set and needed jumpers between them.

June 15 2005


Ken has been working on making temporary jumper plugs to connect from the DCC bus terminals. These will have a balast lamp in one lead and connect to the jacks where the walkaround throttles currently connect to the layout.

The initial DCC configuration will have the existing panels and wiring supplying the power to the tracks. This will have each current yard as one power district and the mainline split between two power districts. We will later remove the old wires and yard panels one section at a time as manpower becomes available. Once done the tower will no longer be required.

May 2005


Greg supplied a set of mounting panels for the phone jacks that will be the Cab Bus. These panels will provide protection to the cab wires when plugged into the phone jacks.

Ken took them home to drill out and mount the phone jack plates.

April 6 2005


Installed the last of the Cab Bus wires.

Installed last of the Power Bus wires.

Greg supplied a set of shelves to mount the power supply and command station.

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