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We meet on Wednesday nights 8:00PM. Most people arrive around 7:00PM and stay until 10:00PM.

Notice: We are sorry but the american legion building does not have universal access.
There are a number of stairs that have to be climbed as we are on the second floor.

If the door on the parking lot is open:

  1. Enter and come up the short steps.
  2. Main Entrance
  3. Go straight past the staircase in the middle of the hallway.
  4. Turn left at the main hallway.
  5. Come up the stairs behind the double doors at the end of that hallway.The door on the left leads down to the Legion bar room.
  6. The layout rooms are on the second floor.

If the door on the parking lot is locked:

  1. We now have a door bell on the ramp door near the loading dock.
  2. If we are in, there should be a hall light in the window above the loading dock. And the light next to the ramp door will be on.
    Ramp Entrance
  3. Push the button to ring us in our layout rooms.
  4. Within a minute or so, we should wave from the window and come down and open the door.
  5. We go up the ramp and then one flight of stairs to the train rooms.
  6. Contact us beforehand and we can give you further information.

For further information - Email

Mailing Address:
Syracuse Model Railroad Club
Eastwood American Legion Post 1276
102 Nichols Ave.
Syracuse, N.Y. 13206

{former Syracuse school building at James St., one block East of Midler}

If you have a question or problem with the web site, please Email.